• The mind of a man

    Should this article not be never finished because the mind of a man can think of so many things that I could write in a lifetime. The point I want to address in this article refers in great part to what a man thinks when they are around beautiful women. To make it more easy to read this article, I'll just write 3 points about which I'll write something (small explanations for which we chose these 3 points), as follows:

    1. “I would like to be mine”
    A man will always be attracted to women with femininity, and this quality is found, as would be normal, at all women. Many women choose to approach a style wrong and to approach at least the behavior is very much a man. The woman must be a woman, to cuddle, to take care of her, to be careful with the way they look, speak nicely and to have claims. A real man would always want a woman of this kind.

    2. “I want her in my bed”
    The most perverted of men would do anything to create a long list of names of women who have fallen in the sheets. Even if this mentality is outdated and is no more a proof of manhood, there are still very many men who have not left by this “sport” and continue to sleep with as many women to prove his manhood.


    3. “I don't like”
    Contrary to the women described in point 1, are the women who have not yet found his style, not giving any importance to how they look, who choose to leave to chance and not to take into account the opinions of those around them. Such women they'll never find a good man next to them and they will cry always by its absence.

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